Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hobby, shmobby.

That's the culprit. RIGHT THERE. That movie is the reason for my husband's new hobby/obsession/life goal. But let me back up. It all started on a lazy Sunday of cooking and dogsitting and watching marathons of nature documentaries. What? You don't do that? Oh. Well we do. Thank you Netflix Instant Queue! Anyways, this movie was my pick. I think the Appalachians are fascinating because they're so gosh darn old. Not like the Sierras or the Rockies or anything- I mean they're REALLY old. So we learned about the wildlife and the formation and the trail that goes from Georgia to Maine. That's when my husband got the itch.

Him. "I'm gonna do that when I win the lottery. Just go hike for a year."
Me. "Ok that sounds cool. I'd go with you but we'd have to carry a swimming pool of water for me to drink along the way."
Him. "We'll helicopter you in at checkpoints so we can visit."
Me. "That works too."
Him. "I'm totally gonna do that. Actually, I'm gonna do that this weekend."
Me. "What?"
Him. "I'm gonna go on a backpacking trip through the mountains this weekend."
Me. "But you've never done that before."
Him. "No but I can rent equipment from the base, hike like ten miles a day. Just one day overnight. I'm gonna have to pack food and read my survival guide from front to back and...."
And so that's what's happening this weekend. He's going to do the Skyline to Big Basin trail route with two friends while I go to a bridal shower. This is the third major hobby he's had in the last year and a half. It started with shore fishing. We came out of that with 4 fishing poles, a homemade binder of local fish identification, and lots of fish tacos and cioppino. Then we went to beer brewing. We're on our 3rd or 4th keg of homemade beer. And now it's backpacking. And if you don't understand the consequentialness of these hobbies- let me explain something to you. When my husband does something, he does it to perfection. I love that about him. He doesn't half-ass anything he cares about.
I was supposed to do homework this weekend since I won't get a chance to do any next weekend. I didn't do as much as I should have but instead I...
-- went grocery shopping for two weeks (that was completely unintentional- it was supposed to be only for one week but I ripped my budget a new one) 
-- cooked dinners and lunches from scratch 
-- baked lemon cupcakes
-- took a trip to Border's 40 miles away to find the one perfect Backpacking in California book (I'll say it again... obsession)
-- deep cleaned my kitchen
-- watched a documentary on Yosemite, Appalachian Trial, American Serengheti, Denali, redwoods, and last but not least....beavers.
-- I also got to witness the birth of a new hobby. And that, my friends, is priceless.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taste is all relative.

This weekend I have been at the mercy of my husband's cravings. He is, what I call, an impulsive eater. During the week, I do not have the time (nor the budget) to cook whatever he wants so I just cook what we have. But on some lazy days I'll ask him what he wants me to cook and he always has something in mind.

I was reading a magazine this morning and found a page dedicated to unique egg rolls.

Me. "Hey hun, how's a hamburger egg roll sound?"
Him. "Blech. Why do they make hamburger flavored everything?"
Me. "Well they have a pizza here one too."
Him. "That's what I want for lunch."
Me. "What?"
Him. "Can you please make me pizza egg rolls for lunch?"
Me. "Um okay. You know most people would say, 'hmm that sounds good, I'd like to try that one day.' But not you."
Him. "No, I'd like that for lunch please."

So that's what I made for lunch.

They don't look too bad, huh?

Last night's craving on the other hand, WAS pretty bad. Lemon and banana cupcakes? Can you imagine it? It tastes like sour bananas. My husband loved it. Sometimes I think he mixed his taste buds up with a pregnant woman somewhere.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

*Enter Husband*

Him: Hello, love of my life.

Me: Well hello! That was a nice greeting.

Him. Yes. You are the sun to my moon.

Me: Ok, what do you want?

Him: I need you to do laundry.

Week in Pictures

Our sushi chef got a little carried away.

Went to see a shell midden- a Native American dump site.
Me: My field trip today was to a midden. A midden is-
Him: I know what a midden is. It's like a hat for your hand.
Me: Not a mitten- a midden!

My bangs got pretty shaggy.

My cheesehead had a good day.

I did a lot of homework wearing my favorite socks.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The secret life of a grad student

Does everyone know what yesterday was? Yesterday was Meltdown Day. Yay Meltdown Day! Oh you don't know what Meltdown Day is? Well let me educate you. It comes to visit me once a week. It involves a lot of tears and tissues. Best part about Meltdown Day? When it comes, it doesn't come again for six days. Usually. Yesterday Meltdown Day consisted of my honey making a funny face. Me laughing. Him making a funny face again. Me laughing. Him making a funny face again. I crack up for a minute and then my laughter turns into sobs. Ya. I was that tired. And when he finally stopped looking at me like I was insane and asked me what was wrong, this is what I did... no joke. I flopped myself onto the bed face down and yelled "I'm so unhappy!!!"

Wow. Just so you all know- I'm not a dramatic person. But that's how my life is going this quarter. Completely sleep deprived and frustrating. Basically right now I have a serious case of senioritis because this is the quarter from hell and I'd rather be at the next chapter in my life (read: work, home, honey, movies, babies). But no. Instead I am writing 30 page papers every week, filling out lab books, learning how to write a research paper, and studying for midterms. But I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's a means to an end.

Things I've learned on Meltdown Days:

1. My husband is very good at making me laugh through tears.

2. Afterwards, I feel much better and my prespective is clear again.

3. Sometimes you just have to get the assignment done. You can't always do A work.

4. You are nothing without your mental health.

5. Big men have big shoulders.