Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taste is all relative.

This weekend I have been at the mercy of my husband's cravings. He is, what I call, an impulsive eater. During the week, I do not have the time (nor the budget) to cook whatever he wants so I just cook what we have. But on some lazy days I'll ask him what he wants me to cook and he always has something in mind.

I was reading a magazine this morning and found a page dedicated to unique egg rolls.

Me. "Hey hun, how's a hamburger egg roll sound?"
Him. "Blech. Why do they make hamburger flavored everything?"
Me. "Well they have a pizza here one too."
Him. "That's what I want for lunch."
Me. "What?"
Him. "Can you please make me pizza egg rolls for lunch?"
Me. "Um okay. You know most people would say, 'hmm that sounds good, I'd like to try that one day.' But not you."
Him. "No, I'd like that for lunch please."

So that's what I made for lunch.

They don't look too bad, huh?

Last night's craving on the other hand, WAS pretty bad. Lemon and banana cupcakes? Can you imagine it? It tastes like sour bananas. My husband loved it. Sometimes I think he mixed his taste buds up with a pregnant woman somewhere.

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  1. Lol, I love your conversations, they are SO HILARIOUS! Please keep sharing!!!!!