Sunday, January 23, 2011

The bobble.

Me. "I bought you a water bottle with the filter already built in so you can filter water on the go."
Him. "Ok what's it called."
Me. "A bobble. I got you the green one."
Him. "Did you do the research first to see if it was the best one?"
Me. "Noooo.... it was ten bucks. That was the extent of my 'research.' "
Him. "Ok well don't worry. I'll do the research for you."
Me. "Why? I already bought it."
Him. "Don't worry. I got this."
....10 minutes pass....
Him. "Ok I've narrowed it down to two."
Me. "Hopefully one is the bobble cause that's the one I bought for you."
Him. "One cost a little more but it's stainless steel so it looks badass and it'll last me a long time."
Me. "I already bought you the bobble."
Him. "The other one is just awesome! It can filter out any bacteria. You can drink pond water!"
Me. "Why would you need that?"
Him. "You know, when I'm cleaning drains at work."
Me. "Oh please no."
Him. "Or when I'm being all badass on a hike. They'll pretty much make a reality show about me."
Me. "No they won't cause I already bought you the bobble. I'm sorry I ruined your television career by not doing my research."
Him. "You should be."

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